Hello, and welcome to a place on the web about the web and you.

Since this has taken on the aura of a daytime news show, I’m your host, Michael De’Shazer. I am a web developer, fiction author, comp. sci. educator, and somewhat of a privacy advocate.

I decided to write this blog in order to find RELEVANCE. This blog is an attempt to find the somewhat invisible connection between my life and yours, making my life’s tales relevant to your stories through these bits travelling along the information super highway!

So, I suppose I will center this blog around our conversation. So, I suppose that I need you, then… We’ll deal with that. Leave comments about posts if you’re so inspired, and I’ll address your input, and we can develop an open dialogue… I take that this interchange between you and I, however, will be completely dependant upon this blog’s relevance.

So, let’s so commence in our search for RELEVANCE. First topic: entanglement.

Einstein called it “spooky action at a distance.”

Probably because  electrons inside of atoms were appearing in several places at once (a state called superposition) and the motion of these superpositioned particles was determined by an invisible connection between that particle and a particle that could be literally ANY place else in the universe.

Our conversation: Is this spooky, the fact that the motion of everything on Earth is determined by motions somewhere else in the universe (the arguably infinite expanse of space and time) ?

My thoughts: In my life, I recently worked for a Russian KGB spy (true story which I’ll address in the an upcoming post once I clear it) unknowingly on Wall Street, and I don’t think those kind of things happen for… well… no reason whatsoever. So, entanglement kind of comforted me in that experience.