This evening on Google Trends, I noticed that the hottest topics in the US right now are:

google trends 8-22-2010

So, since the most relevant topics today are Miyazato, Salmonella, and Mariotti, let’s talk about that.

A) Ai Miyazato, the women’s golf champion whom won the Safeway Classic this weekend, made over 1.5 million in earnings last year. Funny that kind of personal info is available on Wikipedia pages.

B) Salmonella, the harmful bacteria that caused Wright County Egg to recall 1/2  billion eggs recently, is the reason many law suits will be filed and new American millionaires will be made. Hopefully, these case winners/settlers are entrepreneurial and this situation will lead to new jobs.  We’re not doing so bad by the way: unemployment is under 9%, which is much better than the 20%+ we experienced in 1982…

C) ESPN commentator Jay Mariotti was arrested yesterday and his bond to get out of jail was $50,000 which he paid today. ESPN will probably have to let him go for that.

What do you think?

I think part of the reason Miyazato is a more popularly trending topic than Jay Marrioti’s abuse case and Salmonella is partially because she’s more recent news in a popular sport AND partially because publications like GolfWeek use social media sharing options that easily allow niche audiences to share information with their non-niche friends. For example, . GolfWeek also has their app set up to allow their readers to share the news they read and a NICHE audience that connects to the general audience who sees the updates on Facebook and Twitter and then googles the updates’ subject matter (in this instance “Miyazato”) to learn more…

This, I think, can explain for a large part why Justin Beiber has been pretty much the most trending topic on most search engines and social networks for the past few months.

What do you think?