Today, one of the most trending topics on was “Twitter bff”. (or “best friend forever” for those never exposed to an adolescent American female.)

Let’s review some tips for obtaining and maintaining Twitter BFFs:

1) Ask questions to people who might respond. The questions should be about stuff your prospective bff tweets about.

2) When you do this, include the @ and then your prospective BFF’s username. For example, to write to me publicly on Twitter just type @itsdeshazer, and then your message.

3) Do this alot, and a small percentage of people will become your friend. And who knows… Maybe even one day, your BFF.

4) Help others do stuff. It’s much like real life in that regard.

There are many more tips for making Twitter BFFs but these are the most basic. If you know any tips that work for you that you’d like to share, share 🙂