So, today Viacom’s MTV launched a new social game called “I Woo You”.

This social game allows users to create a virtual self and ask questions to other virtual selves, or avatars, and find people they are compatible with.

Could finding a date be any simpler? Sure it could: there could be an iPhone app which allowed users to play this game on the go.

And since MTV hasn’t taken the liberty of developing this, I will extend a proposition to any MTVers who found this blog post on Google or elsewhere:

If this post receieves…. Let’s say… 50 comments within the next 30 days, I will develop the app or one like it that all the Wooers can play.

This is my first blog proposition, and hey, game on! I’ve been looking for a fun new project.

To learn more about I Woo You, check out this article: