So, American Eagle is advertising in Times Square in NYC with big, flashy digital signage…. Nothing new…
But they have a weird logo accompanying their ad… And that’s the logo of the 3 million user community, Foursquare.

Why is American Eagle, a large clothing retailer, advertising a mobile location-based social network?

Let’s explore the possibilities:

1. Knowing where customers are could help advertise to them.

2. If you could have advertised Facebook in 1999 to make friends with the next giant, would you?

3. If you had a high mark-up on your product’s pricing, and your ability to beat the competition hinged on your ability to be on top of what’s next was your best advantage, would you advertise Foursquare.

4. If you played golf with a venture capitalist who backed Foursquare and that same guy who backed Twitter and Skype told you to help him push his latest project, Foursquare, would you?

5. If you wanted to save money advertising in the future…. Would you strike a deal with a company you were going to advertise through in which you promoted them (Foursquare) now so that later they would promote your brand (American Eagle) for pennies on the dollar?

Foursquare Takes Over Times Square [PIC]: