So, we wake up one morning and all the lights are out… That’s what everyone’s afraid of… (in fact, it happened to Facebook earlier today).  So, say a cyber attack causing  a mass power-outage  happens, because our power grids are networked via the internet… and some government, group, or individual is responsible for all the cancelled sporting events and flights, along with the closed stores and theme parks.  I guess it’s safe to throw panic into the equation, and with panic, I suppose it’s safe to throw in a SELL! market. Everyone will be waiting for the lights to turn back on.

Eventually, US Cyber Command will restore control of our power grids, and we’ll begin social and economic recovery from what just happened… with a new perspective on technological reliance… Also,  Given the inherent complexity of such a network attack, it would  be difficult, if not impossible, to trace the source of such an attack… if the attacker’s intention was anonymity.

What do you think happens next… if we take such a big blow and our adversary doesn’t leave a return address?