A literary agent, who was working with many writers that Random House published, bought digital rights to many bestselling books from his authors (whose other rights were owned by Random House) and then ran off to make a deal with Amazon on its Kindle’s platform.
So, Random House, pissed off, rallies all the major New York publishers to get together like the handheld mobile companies and join the Google Android “open platform”…
And like Google Android just became the #1 mobile device platform, beating the iPhone OS in the US… So might Galaxy Tab in regards to Amazon Kindle… If the publishers continue to work together to support an “open” platform like they are.
What do you think Amazon will do in response?

Also, I say “open” like this because Google is being sued right now for false advertising with that term… And they also are being sued by Cisco for building their proprietary platform, Android, atop its recently acquired Java. It’s like a plot from a soap, really….