Aro is a new application which manages your e-mail, calendar, web surfing, etc. in a new, intelligent way.
So, what is it actually doing? Aro was designed to “understand” your e-mail text content in its context and recognize your mobile usage patterns, and, in doing so, present functionality, style, and organization on your device that is more conducive to the way you use your device specifically.


But here’s the golden question? Why is Aro only running on Android and not the Iphone?
Here’s the golden answer: As is, it can’t run on the Iphone.

Why not?
Because Apple doesn’t allow 3rd party applications (like Aro) to access internal functions like accessing the content of your private sent and received e-mail… Apple doesn’t want an application made by anyone other than them to access your most private of information (like text message records and call logs) while Android mobile devices don’t mind if 3rd party apps do that…

So, is Aro dangerous?
do you mind an artificial intelligence software reading your e-mail?

I’m curious to see what you think about this.