So, what is this Google Boost thing that was recently announced?

So, Google “Places” are locations represented by one of the below pins when a location matches what you are searching for.

The Google location pin that used to be only relevant but now will be suggestive.

So, say Pizza Hut company wants to advertise…. and you’re not looking for pizza…
Say you type in “boy scouts”, and Google’s algorithm knows that people who travel on I-95 South-bound at 4PM on a Saturday stop at a Pizza Hut 40% of the time when searching for “boy scouts”…
So… you guessed it… If Pizza Hut had a Google Boost solution in place with Google, then Google would advertise Pizza Hut in the map of results for “boy scout” if a pizza hut was along the route… even though the person wasn’t looking for a pizza.

And that’s what we know about Google Boost so far. It’s only available in select cities: Houston, Chicago, and of course, San Fransisco.

Also, many believe that Google announced this new geo-ad platform as a preemptive strike into Facebook’s future market share as Facebook hints of interests and moves closer to to doing a Boostish type web product soon.

Time will tell what happens…

What do you think?