Sony beat analyst estimates on profit, and raised its full year profit forecast by 17%.
Because they spread a rumor about being acquired by Apple? Good job. Slick.

The Nexus Two is real, Gizmodo spoke with someone that used it.
So, Google is serious, serious…

Facebook ad company Buddy Media is getting another $5 million in addition to the $23 it just raised. The new money comes from ad giant WPP.
5 Million is a penny in the bucket to WPP… They should have funded the whole round for 23 mil.

Apple is the fourth largest handset maker in the world. It passed RIM last quarter to earn that distinction. Nokia is number one, but it’s share of the handset market is slipping.
Nokia is declining because it’s not Apple, and Apple is no. 4, because the global market can’t afford them yet… that’s it (outside the Middle East).

YouTube’s founder and CEO Chad Hurley is leaving the company. He’s working on other projects, but will still be an “advisor” to YouTube.
Microsoft delivered stellar earnings last night. We’ll be curious to see if the Microsoft bears are singing a different song today, or if the stock shows any sign of life.
Bet he’ll be doing something with nanotechnology…

Estranged Facebook cofounder Eduardo Saverin is in Singapore funding Facebook Game startups.
Because he wants to profit and defeat Facebook from within?

Facebook is starting to test running discounts and offers to people checking in through Facebook Places.
Because Google moved on Google Boost (geo-ad platform), before they were ready to launch this (later this year)… Gotta love competition.

Here’s a quick rundown on all the Chinese versions of popular U.S. Internet companies, i.e. Chinese Twitter, Chinese YouTube, etc.
Baidu will continue to grow…. Nothing beats AUTHENTIC.

Mount Everest now has the Internet and cell reception with a 3G base station. You no longer have an excuse not to climb it.
Great. Will Keep that in mind next time I’m up there.

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