So, scientists recently figured out how to trap and chill a photon (a.k.a. reach the Bose-Einstein Condensate of photon particles)… This is tricky because a photon is massless. Since photons are massless, they can appear at multiple places at once (as they’re not bound by the laws of gravity).
Moving through the electromagnetic field (between atoms), photons work as signals between electrons changing states….
Whenever an atom loses or gains energy, another electron does the opposite because of a signal from a photon.
Because we have figured out a way to trap virtual photons (signals between electrons) by turning a mirror on itself and creating an infinite loop for the photon, we can now manipulate how energy is transferred from place to place…
What does this mean? Something out of nothing, energy-wise, can be a computational trick of light… One photon being frozen or trapped before reaching an electron in its trajectory can be made to send a “false” signal of energy to an electron… Making energy from nothing.
Energy is about to become light computation… Here we go.