Let’s start with some observations…

Everything in space seems to be gradually moving away from Earth, and the general consensus is that the universe is expanding (as if we were inside an inflating balloon).

Why is the universe expanding?

Matter is getting inside our universe somehow. We like to think of our universe as a closed system, but it can’t be closed if stuff is getting inside.

How is matter getting inside? There are two plausible places that matter could be coming from nowhere…

At the quantum level inside atoms… Maybe atoms are actually getting bigger, ever-so-slightly….and maybe just in certain regions of the universe, expanding the whole universe.

The other place that matter could be getting inside is from black holes.

And maybe, because of the strong gravitational force in black holes is so strong (a force even light… or virtual photons, that transfer signals of energy, itself cannot escape), that no energy calculations can occur… If this is the case, instead of electrons appearing in several places at once, perhaps they all come together as a super-atom in the event horizon (like what happens when atoms are in a state of BEC), all taking static electron states, and all the information carried by the atoms makes a full picture of all the matter collected by the black hole (like in the Bose-Einstein Condensate state of atoms below).


Turn a black hole upside down, and the BEC state and a blackhole look somewhat similar, no?

And once enough information is collected, perhaps it organizes itself, like in a neural network (because the universe moves in a cellular automaton process), and that is where the strong force in nature comes from that determines the movements in quarks of protons, which directly determines the position of the electrons, which find corresponding positron (moving from the future and smashing up against the electrons, according to Feynman Diagrams), a process which allows electrons to appear at several places at once (thus carrying out a calculation of the whole system, which we call the universe) in the Hamiltonian.

Or maybe not. What do you think?