Let’s imagine that history repeats itself.

It’s November 2010, and a whistleblowing website obtains some confidential files (alledgedly from a US Army private) containing foreign government secrets.

What’s in the documents?


Since the US government had to have private meetings with many of the countries mentioned in the documents, let’s assume that the documents say:

We know Israel has nukes.
Iraq was a preventitive operation driven in large part by financial opportunity and private interests of elected and appointed officials.
The US actually killed more than the reported 31 Iraqi civilians a day.
Stuxnet virus was a joint effort with US and Israel…(maybe not)
The US has a program that contracts the deaths of targets through other organizations, and one of those organizations is someone noone in America ever would have thought of.
UK prime minister David Cameron is a bit of a pawn, and then here are some names and dirt.
The US is a bit paranoid about China, and has done such and such.

Some of this stuff will get redacted because of tremendous pressure and subtle threats from officials in US Homeland Security.

What happens next?

Someone’s going to get offended… Publicly. Other countries might realize secrets about other countries, and then an unfamiliar attack occurs.

It might be cyber, maybe biological, maybe an assasination… And then countries start picking sides.

And then, let’s hope the UN can put their beaurocracy and shaky influence in war-times aside and actually be useful at postponing a lot of built up tension between countries.

But eventually, it will work itself out and there will be peace again… Before there is peace in Haiti?… Now that’s an interesting question.

What do you think will happen?