WikiLeak's Twitter Account tweet about their DDOS attack

WikiLeak's Twitter Account's tweet about their DDOS attack

Wikileaks’s servers are located in France according to a Traceroute lookup I just did.

For the non-geeks, the Wikileaks server is simply a group of computers that have’s website saved on it, and it’s a “server” because it allows other computers from around the world to access it via the internet.

The Wikileaks servers have just began undergoing a DDOS attack (A Distributed Denial of Service attack) which means that there is a botnet (group of computers) tying up the bandwidth (access) so that people like you and I can’t read the government secrets that they are about to publish.

Why did this happen? One of the many officials who is about to be exposed made a phone call and maybe a wired transaction, is all.

Unfortunately, this will do little, as their WikiLeaksTwitter account remains at-large, and will point to all the “secret” documents as they are released. Additionally, the Guardian will post some of the secret info tonight.

Stay tuned.