Imagine a world where you get discounts on items based on how often you and your friends shop there.

You don’t have to imagine to hard, because has built out this concept, and millions of users are getting social discounts everyday on items all over the world.

But… Imagine for a second that you didn’t need a Groupon account and to wait for a certain number of customers to “sign-up” for a deal.
Imagine that your bank kept up with where your friends shopped, and gave you money-back at the end of each month based a Group-esque model (giving you discounts where you and your friends buy the most).

I believe many people would be interested in obtaining sort of Social Discount debit card from Bank so-and-so…

I mention this, because I think it will happen soon… And I was actually out last night with some finance and social media professionals from a large bank talking about just this. Some of them seemed to think the idea had some potential, so in the event it does happen, I get the uncompensated satisfaction of saying: “ya heard it here first.”