So, after my last post about Twitter’s Xmas outage, Twitter regained itself. However, in my Twitter account, I noticed something strange:

Twitter Fail

Twitter Fail

I certainly had 675 posts, 5 favorites “listed” Tweets…. but I was certainly following more than 0 people. And I don’t have many followers… but I have a little more than none…

So, from a developer’s perspective, I think of it this way:
The PHP on Twitter’s webpage asks the Twitter database what’s in it, and then the PHP shows us what that is (via HTML). When things on the webpage show you everything right, but some data from a database wrong… it usually means something has happened to the database…. Something in the database involving my account, and potentially many other people.

This is just an add-on to the the other post’s closing question…. Just something to consider.