Happy New Years! Today, I purchased an Android-powered Samsung Transform to celebrate.
As soon as the Transform was activated, it informed me that Google would like to know my location, in order to increase my experience with location-based apps.

Android Location-based request

Android Location-based request

As a developer who develops some of those location-based apps… I know that app makers can be anybody (because Google doesn’t screen developers or companies) (Apple does to some extent by requesting a faxed Business License). Any of those anybody developers can just sit around in front of a computer and watch all of their app users move around the world. Some developers sell that info to advertisers (more rare). Some developers just like the power. Others like the capability of being able to track people they are interested in, like celebrities or tech execs.

Anyway, I opted out, because Foursquare is cool, but pleaserobme.com isn’t.

Why or why not would you opt in to be geo-located?