So, I spent my holiday vacation optimizing my 3D spherical search engine,… I decided to ditch the text results, and go with video results… And then, to make things interesting, I intergrated my video shortener service,, so you can share your favorite parts of the videos. And one more thing: for when the mood strikes, you can get NotBing to create a video playlist for you.

So, here’s how you use it:

1. Go to, and type something into the input box.
(On Internet Explorer this input box will be on the right side of the sphere)

2. An “I’m feeling lucky”-type of thing happens, and your #1 result should start playing automatically.
(if it doesn’t… sorry… this is beta, and there are occasionally some bugs here. To fix this, add or subtract a word from your search)
Either way, the sphere will morph from a sphere of text to a rotating sphere of your previews of your video results.

3. If you’d like, you can click “make a playlist for me”, and NotBing will generate a shuffled Playlist of the best video results for whatever you’re looking for. (Hopefully)

4. Enjoy your video playlist, while a celestial sphere of videos you like rotate about in the background.
If you have any suggestions for improving, send them to my account @: