Round 1: Quora vs. Google & Facebook Questions

Round 1: Quora vs. Google & Facebook Questions

The true question here is: can Quora beat Google and Facebook?

One thing going for Quora: a lot of their employees are ex-Facebook engineers. Quora might not beat the big guys in the general Q&A industry (but they, more than likely, won’t have any problem surpassing Yahoo Answers). Though, let’s remember:

  • Youtube was originally a video dating site.
  • Groupon was for political activists.

Quora might not fail because of its esteemed leadership, but it might transition, or use their current service offering as a “wedge”, as mentioned today on TechCrunch..
Some of the possibilities writer Semil Shah saw were:

  • Brand Management & Customer Service
  • There’s a need here, but Quora’s going to have to do more on the mobile side and do more to work with major retailers to get retailers’ customers to use a Quora-enabled app. If Quora goes this route, just hire, and you’re ready.

  • Social & Professional Networking (including Messaging)
  • LinkedIn and Yahoo are too deep into this space, but there’s still a chance if LinkedIn & Yahoo (who share some of the same former-present leadership- LinkedIn’s CEO is Jeff Weiner) don’t realize how to do what Quora could potentially do before Quora does it.

  • Endorsements, Reviews & Advice
  • Facebook Questions will probably dominate this area… Twitter will also potentially roll out some features like this as their user-base expands (very maybe-ish but possible and lucrative for their advertisers and Twitter revenue).

  • Content Verticals and Syndication
  • Stay outa my space, Quora… that is all.

  • Education
  • Merge with Wikipedia. Or discredit them as a reliable source if you (probably) can’t… but don’t shoot yourself in the foot in the process, Quora.

  • Digital Media and News Discussion
  • Twitter has this, but it’s not at its fullest potential or close to it. So, good luck.

  • Expert Research and Analysis
  • Tough ride going against Nielson… but everything will be transitioning these days… If Quora can pull reliable data from places like Nielson (at a fee to them) and distribute those good answers amongst the masses, then Quora, do your thing.

    What do you think?