Microsoft... something might be wrong with the picture

Microsoft... something might be wrong with the picture

Dear Microsoft,

I have received several e-mails from some of your advocates concerning my critiques of your multi-billion dollar annual losses in mobile and gaming.

In a recent blog post, I opined that Microsoft was late to the smartphone party because developers are already TIRED of working cross-browser (please comply with current W3C standards, Microsoft internet Explorer team, by the way) and definitely, and most relevant to the point, cross-mobile platform. And on a bigger note, the consumers have kinda sorta decided which mobile platforms they like (but there COULD still be room, if Apple and Google can be slowed down…)

Back to the developers (who could be Microsoft’s ticket here), Apple gives developers way too many headaches, and Android doesn’t give enough (besides being really screwy with OS version control… buyer beware). (There’s actually an app that allows you to read someone’s private mobile data in your near vicinity via Bluetooth… only a small group has it, however… but others could make it… bad, Android)…

Back to Microsoft….

there seems to be a silver lining for you named Kony, which has raised $19.1 million from Insight Venture Partners (some of the same guys that helped bring you Twitter, Datacore and Six Waves).

Kony has created an all-in-one mobile platform. Microsoft could benefit from acquiring this company, or a a similar company with similar offerings,like Nitobi Software. Nitobi would be cheaper, because their valuation isn’t as high… but Microsoft isn’t shy about spending coin, so I think that’s a non-issue.

Microsoft, with some employees who bare the job title of “evangelist”s whom keep their purpose to spread the good word about Microsoft technology and build roads… Nitobi and Kony are building roads.