Speak now, or forever hold your business model
Bubble Motion allows you to follow your favorite politicians, celebrities, or friends… except when they update their statuses, you receive a text-message with a link. The link goes to the person-you’re-following’s voice update, telling you about what they’re doing. Think it could work? Well, this is blowing up in India!!

But will it blow up in other places (like North America, Europe, and the rest of Asia)? They have $35 mil in funding that says it will. And now, according to a recent TechCrunch article, Bubble Motion will now allow you to get notifications via your Twitter and Facebook streams…

Concurrently, Twitter and Facebook can track how successful Bubble Motion really is in other regions… And what people are talking about through this whole voice-texting concept. If the data is there to support that Bubble Motion has a good model with voice-texting… well, Twitter and Facebook already have the members that don’t need another social network.

So, if Bubble Motion’s successful, Twitter or Facebook will probably move to acquire (remember Tweetie?). If they can’t acquire, they will “re-invent” the technology.

The thing about social tech biz is that a company’s success has nothing to do with their tech, but everything to do with their registered members and returning users, hince the hint word “social.”

So, will Bubble Motion expose its precious data about its service and business model to the majors before the start-up can gather the resources to get the user-base? Looks like they’re doing that.

It’s one of those things where it looks really smart and really stupid… They could win big, or lose badly.

What do you think?