Not really… people will use the tech their friends use… unless the tech solves a big problem in a big way…
Facebook solved actually communicating… (whereas Myspace was more about finding a date). Qwiki seems to just be cool, and allows you to merge all your social networks into one place, in addition to many more COOL things.

I’m going to speak a little from personal experience. Get ready for some fails.
I created, a 3D sphere video search and playlist maker… (which I thought was super sexy)… it solved a personal problem for me… I wanted to see a lot of video information at once, automically play previews of searched video content, and have auto-created video playlists, so I wouldn’t have to think… just enjoy… I figured the site would just create playlists and swerve a blue ball of text and videos around in a 3D space behind the screen, and I would actually use it. The beta is now live… but… people aren’t flocking to it… and they won’t…. and I only use it occasionally. Because when I really want to find a video, I use Youtube.. Just because… they got me young, I guess. But why don’t I or others really use it?

Because people like simplicity… Qwiki doesn’t appear simple enough…

I created with a friend, and… another flop… It put everything into one place like Qwiki.. but.. certainly not AS cool as Qwiki. (it’s now half-operational, and sits in web 2.0 Atlantic City, where, like Casinos, games and entertainment go to die.)

Because people like simplicity.

For example, I created the ultra simple, and it shot up to over 40,000 page views in the first 2 weeks. My simple video service won over the complex… and I think that’s why people like the internet: simplicity and connectivity. The TV and theatre are for coolness and effects…

So, Qwiki coolness > Facebook coolness ?

You decide… Here’s a demo: