Facebook's monetization nugget

Facebook's monetization nugget

I like to take out nuggets of good info from long interviews… call me old Twitter.
This morning at the DLD Conference in Munich, TechCrunch writer Robin Wauters asked Dan Rose, Facebook’s VP of Business Development, about Facebook Credits.

Wauters: Moving on to Facebook Credits, which you’re in charge of. I heard a senior marketer from Coke recently say the day will come soon that people can buy a soda using Credits. When is this going to happen?

Dan Rose:

We’re focused on making credits a virtual currency for virtual goods first and foremost. But obviously, you’re right, we can create a lot of value by expanding it across different platforms.

Prior to this, TC asked:

Wauters: There’s been a lot of discussion if Facebook is really worth $50 billion or even $70 billion, but I think most people underestimate the revenue opportunities Facebook has outside of the site. I just wanted to throw that out there.

Rose didn’t answer this question for obvious reasons … But I’d like to answer it with Rose’s other answer:

“we can create a lot of value by expanding [Facebook Credits] across different platforms.”

Sidenote: Facebook has been “testing” Credits out in Malaysia with with partner, MOL

Sidenote 2: If you’d like to value your company at $50B like FB, follow these simple instructions from a recent post.