fantasy merger

There might be some magic between the two.


Let’s play a game called Fantasy Merger.

The contestants:

  • Monster Offers uses advanced technology to make a personalized list of relevant deals for you everyday.
  • News.Me uses advanced algorithms to create a personalized news experience for you everyday.

News and deals used to work together, before that Craigslist character came along. But, the two might be reunited once again… rekindled on the Kindle perhaps…

I say over Pulse and News Dots because I met up with one of the developers last week, Hilary Mason of the Betaworks team working with NYTimes to put the project together, and this phD had previously created some scripts that could successfully sort unread e-mails and draft replies for you. New York Times + A.I.ish mad scientist developer + Betawork’s proven track record = it could, and probably will, work.

Based on this TechCrunch article on Monster Offers, and given that Monster and New.Me are in the same stage, I think they’d make a cute early start-up couple.

This ends that game of Fantasy Mergers. Until next time…