or they want to track your kids.
Either way, they will continue to be highly profitable, because they REALLY get it.


Examples of their genius:

  • Zynga is about to buy Whereoscope, a startup that has an app that allows parents to keep track of their kids’ locations. (genius because they’re getting cutting-edge geo-locational tech for other areas of their operations)
  • Zynga re-introduce/remixed Oregon Trail, only the most popular game of American Millennials, because we all played it growing up on our school Macs… and loved it. They made it social and called it Frontierville.
  • However, Blue Flame Games is doing the actual re-introduction of Oregon Trail… which will probably be a little more awesome. (Thanks, Brian, for that info).

  • Zynga is valued at about $5.27 bil on Sharespost because they know how to make you feel self-worth from playing a little game called Farmville… And their Cityville game just proves it wasn’t a mistake… it’s a statement that says “we really know what we’re doing.”

So, about this Zynga deal to acquire Whereoscope that was recently publicized on TechCrunch…

Maybe Zynga is actually buying Whereoscope because they want to track kids, but it’s highly unlikely, because their core demographic would probably be opposed to such things for obvious reasons…

What Zynga is probably looking for in this deal is talent that really gets geolocation at Whereoscope… Because we’re about to have a very geo-locational, game-like augmented realityish and socially-connected-at-all-times world… where you’ll buy your coffee with your iPhone5… and maybe you’ll earn points from that purchase through Zynga, via Foursquare… in the form of Facebook credits.