I noticed a few comments on TechCruch requesting an abridged version of Andreessen Horowitz’s business development partner John O’Farrell’s 20-minute video interview

VC John O'Farrell TechCruch Interview

VC John O'Farrell TechCruch Interview

The interview happened to come after an ad… and ya can’t help but feel the “gotcha” because you clicked a link that might’ve been useful. Naughty you. Hey, a website’s gotta make that ad money, right? Respect.

So, here’s my abridged version of what John O’Farrell said:

  • Don’t talk about your company… Let others do that for your company, because it’s more credible. The best people to talk about your company typically are: Newspapers, magazines, popular online blogs, or a partner at a VC firm. He doesn’t trust good things entrepreneurs say about themselves, because everyone has good perceptions of themselves.
  • Access to capital is nothing compared to access to “deal flow”. Deal flow is being in the “stables” where good entrepreneurs, engineers, and other winners reside… If ya have access to the next big thing, all the time, ya won’t have any trouble raising financial capital.
  • If you’re doing business-to-business, have an amazing, experienced sales force. That’s pretty much everything in B2B, according to O’Farrell.
  • If you wanna be a VC, get some start-up experience… the best advice a VC can give an entrepreneur comes from the VC’s personal experience.
  • Oh, and Anderseen Horowitz is not into “emerging technologies” but instead into companies that can take advantage of a large portion of the two billion people on the net (with a bunch more coming from mobile devices)… He acknowledges companies, such as: Facebook, Skype, and Zynga.
  • …and I ackowledge them, too. Here’s to those start-ups and John O’Farrell’s advice to the TechCrunch community.

    In all, sounds like good advice.