Blueprint for a SMS forwarding proxy internet service

Blueprint for a SMS forwarding proxy internet service

Here’s the concept…
Currently, with all the internet outages in Egypt, popularly believed to be due to President Hosni Mubarak’s administration’s attempt to shut up many Egyptian citizens’ street and internet protests led by Kefaya, there must be a way for citizens to see what’s going on and do good ol’ citizens’ reporting under a cloak of anonymity (since, you could accually come up missing like bloggers and others have in Egypt). I noticed that many Egyptians who did get online between now and when the revolts began on January 25th, were reporting that they could text-message.

So, here’s a possibility.
What you’ll need:

  • An app that can send text messages, and read the special responses from a…
  • Text-message forwarding service to receive text-message requests and respond to the app via text-message.
  • A proxy server, that can receive requests from the text-messaging forwarding service, and return and post the website data for the end-user using the app.

How it would work is depicted in the pic above. If anyone wants to build this, send me a shoutout and let’s get started.

If Egyptians succeed in a revoluton, it seems the US wants this guy in charge:Mohamed ElBaradei. More on this later.