A girl looks up at her mom and asks, “Mommy, where do iPhones come from?”

Apple Stork

Her mom looks back at her, and doesn’t know what to say. Is her daughter old enough to understand, she wonders. The mom smiles back at her daughter and says, “They’re made in factories, baby.”

And it’s true. The iPhones do come from factories. Foxconn factories.

“A worker at Foxconn died after working a 32-hour shift,” says Mike Daisy, describing his brief time visiting Shenzhen, China where Apple manufactures its iPod, iPhone, and iPad devices. To learn more about his experience, you can watch this video which was featured today on TechCrunch.

So, is obtaining inexpensive labor and not requiring that American workplace standards be upheld exploitation?

Exploitation is defined as the “utilization of another person or group for selfish purposes.”

So, the question is: is Apple acting selfishly?

What do you think?