DeNA is valued at $5.4 billion right now.
And 90% of their revenue comes from “sales of virtual items, avatar-related sales, ads etc..”
And it’s in Japan only.

I think it’s official. Virtual items are real… enough. Just like Harry Potter.
raining money at DeNA

Though you can’t hold virtual items in your hand, you have to take a journey in a game and invest time to obtain them. This makes them valuable.

And if your friends and random other people acknowledge you for your ability to get those items… this makes the virtual items valuable.

And if you reach a $5.4 billion market capitalization primarily producing and exchanging virtual goods (a.k.a. server space), I guess that makes them valuable, too. And more power to you.

Even if your slogan is a little spooky for a gaming company. “An eternal venture to open up the world.