Jobs are valuable. They usually go from about $35-75K/year a pop these days in America. Now, think about a city full of career people. Now think of employers. As penny-pinching as some of them might be, they are usually ready to pay 10-20% of a first year’s salary to employ the right person for key management, engineering, and executive roles.

linkedin trading cards

Good people are hard to find. Hard to find is usually a good business opportunity.
So, what if an app could find the perfect candidates for employers, set up the interview, and bill employers a commission only if they employed the candidate…
Wait. With LinkedIn’s current capabilities, they would be a perfect fit for this hypothetical bill. And they have a new Skills aggregation sytem that they are beta testing this week. Sounds like a step in the right direction for this company on the verge of its IPO.
Can you think of any other opportunities for LinkedIn, because they probably aren’t going to generate revenue this year.