Computer programs can share information much quicker than we can. A computer can tell another computer in 20 seconds what it would take us years. We’re only human, after all.
singularity, strong ai sharing

As technology evolves with the advent of self-organizing systems (much different from the computer you’re reading this from, because your computer doesn’t learn and re-write its own code for personal interests), strong AI machines will be able to share information and evolve as a race much quicker than humans (more than 1,00,000,000x faster than us).
Sharing information makes us more knowledgeable. Maybe an MP3 doesn’t make you more knowledgeable, but it affects your enjoyment and inspirational levels which is directly tied to your knowledge. Blocking information can make more money for content providers and publishers, but it doesn’t do much for the human race…. especially the economically-challenged and developing portion of the human race (the vast majority) that can’t afford to pay $200 for a book for college, $50 for an educational DVD, and $12 to enjoy themselves at the movies. I’m not saying all these things should be free… maybe we should have a scalable pricing system… or just re-think piracy all together.
We aren’t going to be the smartest ones in the room full of computers in 20 years.
For more information on this, read The Singularity is Near. There are pirated copies all over the net if you can find them.