Startup America

It’s a White House campaign… err… kinda… to spark growth for high-growth startups… kinda.
Ya see, it’s not fully run by the White House, and the White House isn’t directly funding this campaign.
AOL’s co-founder Steve Case‘s foundation and economist Carl Schramm‘s foundation is “partnering” with the White House and helping select entrepreneurs get access to capital from their partners: guys like Google, IBM, Facebook, Blackstone‘s Foundation, et al…. all of which are more than likely receiving a tax write-off for donating or “investing in startup growth.”
The President’s new budget will propose making permanent the elimination of capital gains taxes on key investments in small businesses
But, then again, maybe this whole thing isn’t a bunch of fluff. Also, Startup America seems to be a little bias towards hi-tech, so I guess it’s go eat your heart out, Joe the Plummer.

As a side note, when you visit the site for Startup America, it isn’t immediately apparent how to become one of the select, lucky entrepreneurs… or nominate a business, or get involved with the project in any way really.

Seems a little odd.