Only because Goldman Sachs and its international clients own roughly 4% of the company. In case you need a Goldman refresher:

who is goldman sachs?
There was a recent article on Business Insider regarding the low-level talks Twitter has been having with Facebook and Google regarding a Twitter buyout. Analysts across the web seem to agree that the buyout price looks like somewhere between $8-12 billion.

Business Insider says: “If Twitter would actually sell for $10 billion, Google should just step up and buy it. The company would barely miss the cash[…]”

And then, they continue with:
“we don’t think Facebook could come up with enough cash to make the deal work”

I’d like to remind everyone that Facebook is partially owned by the guys with that big tower across the Hudson river. If you forgot who they were real quick, please press restart. Or give up.

Goldman Sachs Office in Jersey across the Hudson