crowdsourcing capital for a movie

Step 1. Come up with a movie idea.

Step 2. Write the editors of popular blogs and tell ’em to publish an article about your movie idea. Ask for a headline like “Want To Buy Into A Hollywood Movie? Now You Can.”

Step 3. Once the articles about your movie idea are published in popular tech blogs, all the venture capitalists who monitor TechCrunch and Venture Beat to make their investment decisions will discover your movie concept.

Step 4. Once enough online hype builds up about your movie, and once I write about it here in this blog, get a VC to valuate your movie as a company, and post contracts for stock in your movie on Sharespost.

Step 5. Raise the money you need on Sharespost. Pay the taxes. Get Megan Fox or Good in there. And you’re good in there.