Monetizing through business as usual

About a month ago, StumbleUpon was looking for a data scientist…
I didn’t find this out on or Craigslist.
I discovered this on Twitter. Because a Stumble employee posted that StumbleUpon was looking for a data scientist and that the reference fee was $10,000 for finding someone. As soon as I discovered this, I copied the tweet and sent it to a data scientist I knew at
Now, there’s a company that posts jobs that have reference fees… and anyone can use Top Prospect to find their friends a job… and make mula.
LinkedIn made about $200 mil last year. 40% of that came from “hiring solutions.”
LinkedIn’s “hiring solutions” don’t pay big dollars to highly-motivated friends-of-talent… so TopProspect’s model might be better.
Top Prospect is pulling LinkedIn data through LinkedIn’s API to enhance its service.
The end.
So, who wins here?
If LinkedIn doesn’t copy TopProspect quickly, then TopProspect wins…. as far as monetization goes.
LinkedIn already reported that they don’t expect to record bottom-line earnings this year, as they head to an IPO (due to investments in growth).
Hint to LinkedIn: buy TopProspect, copy, or lose 41% of our revenue. You’ve been warned.