Yesterday, the iCanApp team and I took a road trip up I-95 from NYC to the Greater Boston Area, making our final stop in Cambridge. We had been invited to a entrepreneurship brunch with the Harvard Extension Business Society, but we had arrived a couple hours early, and needed grub upon arrival (at least I did). As we walked through Harvard’s campus, we discovered an amazing jewel right up our alley: a fast food restaurant that takes your order orders with an iPhone app.

Clover, Cambridge, MA

Clover Fast Food, Cambridge, MA

What a great use of mobile tech… but it didn’t come without its bugs… Currently, if you place an order with the iPhone receptionist in the front, she cannot cancel the order if you change your mind. Maybe we can help them with the next version 🙂 However, the food doesn’t really need an upgrade, as the current version, especially their coffee and egg sandwich with tomato, is delicious enough right now.