• Above Oblivion is a name you’ll never quite remember (especially if you’re American).
  • It’s a music social network which gives you music, and when you listen, the artists get paid… So, it can’t actually be free. And it’s not from Apple… and Apple couldn’t even pull off its music social networking service, Ping, with over 200 million paid users and a reasonably good rep in the space. So, good luck, Above Oblivion.
  • News Corp. doesn’t really get digital, and they are the ones funding Above Obvilion.
    News Corp. bought Myspace back in 2006… we all know what happened there. In case you haven’t been keeping up, Myspace laid off 50% of its staff this year and is losing site visitors like it’s in fashion.
  • Myspace doing sad things
  • Beyond Oblivion is a disruptive music service that combines social networking with life-of-device access to a large music library, within a ecosystem where content owners are paid per-play…
  • Type “beyondOblivion.com” into your browser…. feels awkward, or is it just me?
  • Now, look at the site… Clutter.

  • Pandora already does this pretty good, for free. And so does grooveshark.
  • The name of the music site is Beyond Oblivion. I like it for a rock band, though.
  • But these aren’t really reasons why Above Oblivion won’t work… they’re more like apparent indicators.