adjustment bureau book

A Facebook?

Recently, there was a popular article on TechCrunch called The Facebook Bureau. It’s about people’s fears that Facebook wants to monitor everything on the web in order to control the world.
In the new movie The Adjustment Bureau, which I saw last weekend and liked, Matt Damon falls in love with an attractive woman, and that’s not a part of the Adjustment Bureau’s plan. So, since the bureau can detect the trajectory of lives with special books (Facebooks?), the Adjustment Bureau uses their special powers to nudge poeple from afar, teleport through doors, and take humans into a substring to explain to them why they can’t conitinue on their current trajectories when things get out of hand.
Does Faceboook have this power?
As a Facebook app developer, I can request the following information from Facebook on any user that accepts my game or applications’s Facebook privacy screen through their Graph API:
Your: name, links, bio, birthday, bio, education, political views, significant other, work place… In addition to your “connections” which consists of your: pictures, list of all your Facebook friends, most recent login time, accounts, activities, albums, wall posts, outbox, your tagged photos, notes, and list of your favorite books, movies, and albums.
I, nor Facebook, could make any predictions about your life based on this data, right?
Facebook has all this data and more (developers can’t access your inbox yet)… But Facebook, the company, can, in addition to all the data you deleted at some point because you realized all this. And they can triangulate your behaviors with the behaviors of 500 million other users, a few hundred of which might be your friends.
Basically, the more life gets like the video below, the more Facebook becomes the Bureau.

In your opinion, will we allow life to get more like this?