Day 3 ended up like this:

AppStores Party Bus

AppStores Party Bus

Lessons learned throughout the day:

  • VC elevator pitches are for losers. Venture capitalists and angels want to find startups, not the other way around. Learned this from a VC standing in line behind me for a party.
  • Party buses are the best thing about SXSW.
  • You have to know someone to get on a party bus.
  • Mashable parties are supposed to be off the chain.
  • From first-hand experience, I have confirmed that Fast Society definitely knows how to throw a party .
  • Read Delivering Happiness. Allegedly it will change your life if you’re involved with a startup. (got it for free in one party bus, and got recommended to “read this book” from @nalin on another.
Keep Austin weird?

Keep Austin weird?

That guy looks like Tom Cruise, no?

All in all, I’m really diggin’ this conference.

W Hotel Lounge

De’Shazer out.