This is a machine that paddles children in some parts of the US (really). Fight The Paddle employees asked SXSW goers to sit on the machine & get paddled to raise awareness… I opted out.

The Paddle Machine

The Paddle Machine

Stop the spread of bad kids!
Way to go, Marc Ecko (official sponsor).

The runner-up was Life Kraze, which had the hammer game you usually see at city fairs, to demonstrate how you could use thier site to give your friends points based on the coolness of your friends’ content. The “cool points” can be redeemed by your friends for rewards at popular retailers…

Life Kraze @ SXSW, maybe a little too excited?

Life Kraze @ SXSW

The only problem was… you couldn’t actually play the game because SXSW officials said the bell at the top was too loud (according to the ladies at the booth)… Sucks that they had to bring that huge thing all the way out from Chatanooga for nothing.

And this guy just needs love.
weird yellow haired guy

I’m not sure what his angle was, but he went from booth to booth with a camera, yelling about how much he loved each booth’s product. As you can see, RackSpace encourages this behavior. Any press is good press?

“Keep Austin weird”, I guess.

And that concludes my SXSW trip. Man, I love this this conference. Until next year…