The media loves referring to Anyomous as a “hacker group.” Ask anyone outside the tech industry what a hacker is and they think hacker

Instead of (this promo’s on the house):

I mean I don’t hate that “previous Anonymous projects have resulted in the closing of the white-supremacist radio show produced by Hal Turner”.

After Gawker was attacked by Annyonmous, Gawker (with help of some friends) was happy to publish this article in an attempt to out the masked “hacker” organization.

I have my popcorn.

I enjoyed this insightful article on the topic. There are supposed to be some arrests or something coming… Putting allegedly in quotes would emphasize my point. All I know is that the last time a top security firm went after Annoymous, there was hell to pay… for the security firm.

Also, the interesting thing about writing news about masked people whom don’t want their identities revealed is that you can practically make-up any story you’d like about them. What’s the old saying? Don’t believe everything you read in the papers? If that’s true today, take your blogs with a grain of salt.