Chinese President Hu Jintao stands along Henry Kissenger

Chinese President Hu Jintao stands along Henry Kissenger

Here’s an excerpt from Cyber War: The Next Threat to National Security and What to Do About It.

“China had essentially blackmailed Microsoft into cooperating with it. China had announced that it would develop its own system based on Linux, called Red Flag, and said it would require that it be used instead of Microsoft. Soon Microsoft was bargaining with the Chinese government at the highest level, helped along by its consultant, Henry Kissinger. Microsoft dropped its price, gave the Chinese its secret code, and established a software research lab in Beijing (the lab is directly wired into Microsoft’s U.S. headquarters). A deal was struck. It must have been a good deal: the president of China then visited Bill Gates at his home near Seattle. The Chinese government now uses Microsoft, but it is that special variation with a Chinese government encryption module. One former U.S. intelligence officer told us, ‘This may mean that no one can hack Windows easily to spy on China. It certainly does not mean that China is less able to hack Windows to spy on others.”

-somewhere in chapter 3.

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