Now, this is what you call vintage internet.

Hulu 1996 April Fools

Yesterday for April Fools, used the 1996-esque web design standard for their homepage. Pretty accurate. Thanks to JQuery, Flash, and the popularization of broadband internet, we no longer have to see pixelated images that take awhile to load, and text navigation arrows… And thank God the use of iFrames in this manner is loooong gone.

These days, the internet is much easier on the eyes: Greys Antaomy

Makes you wonder… if apps look like this today:

New Foursquare app

New Foursquare app

And since this month’s 3D Evo launch announcement, apps are about to go 3D like this:


HTC EVO 3D, available this summer

Where will we be in a decade?

Makes me all tingly… and it scares the hell out of my girlfriend. She thinks we’re going too far… and I do, as well. But I believe society will balance itself out, one way or the other… and there might be some growing pains. Meanwhile, I’m working on one of the first 3D apps!!! My last 3D endeavor (NotBing) was child’s play… okay, maybe teen’s play.

Off to the future.