Larry Page

new Google CEO Larry Page

So, Monday, Google’s co-founder Larry Page replaced Eric Schmit as CEO of the search (and wanna-be-everything-else) giant.

Major changes made this week:

I laughed when I read a post on Hacker News that called Page’s plan to motivate his employees to lead Google in a good social direction as: “Spam[ming] grandma for Cash” over “Facebook envy.” And you know why we laugh, right?

Free solution for Google:

Scout the best women product managers, social media gurus, and coders in the world to be the social initiative directors, so your user-experience is AMAZING… Here’s one recommendation: @kathleensulli. Why? From my limited experience, I’ve found that most women in my narrow scope (not sure about yours) seem to just be good at that social stuff. (#justSayin and Google doesn’t release their gender ratio numbers for engineering and management)
Then, to win in social networking, just use ALL the social networking site APIs and put them in one place… and manage my relationships on those networks… but make sure my data is ultra-encrypted and secure… Please stop reading my e-mails…. and it would be really nice if you made it harder for others to read, as well. I don’t know if you’re doing this already, but please use your OWN encryption scheme and make the key ridiculously impossible to oppress with brute-force… then scatter the data on a bunch of different databases that use different architectures, decentralizing my info, thanks. Oh, and I still need speed. What’s with these Millennials and this since of entitlement, right?

And good luck, Page. Keep marching uphill… though, I sincerely hope there’s a down.