computers that feel regret

You’re a computer that can feel regret. A human computer to be precise. You think with constant comparative logic operations, differentiating between yourself and the rest of the world, while you’re susceptible to pain and pleasure, and your sense of possession causes emotions like fear and love, while the never-ending narrative that makes you write your life story results in your driving force: desire.
There are people out there trying to replicate you. Open Amplify has an API which allows software applications to read this blog and understand it. And researchers at Tel Aviv University have created software that can strive to better itself (driving the software with regret… the distance between reality and expected outcomes).
So, where does this leave us?
I think it’s safe to say that humans are going to create software that successfully replicates many of our thought patterns, emotional states, and social needs at an advanced enough level to pass a Turing test.
So, the question remains…
Where does that leave us?

More on that later.