I recently gave a talk about BPI at Hive 55 in downtown Manhattan, in which a colleague and I tried to convey a new concept without a clicker for our PowerPoint. Here are some lessons I learned:

a clicker

a wireless clicker pen, only $17.83 on Amazon.com

  • Always have a clicker, or you’ll be up at 12:21AM writing about why you should always have a clicker for your PowerPoint.
  • Since there’s a slight chance you might be a tad nervous speaking in front of people who probably know much more than you do, you’re probably gonna miss some stuff, so account for that before hand. Literally, if I could go back, I would’ve planned the presentation so that every example related directly to 2-3 main points. I had about a dozen examples that related to about 6 which completely made no sense when you took out 3 of those examples that supported 2 arguments…. oops.
  • If someone is on their phone in another room, but everyone can still hear that person… don’t do like I did and ignore it. Go back there and tell him to shut the hell up ’cause you’re talking.

Here are some things I learned not to do again based on my perceived reception from the audience:

  • Don’t use this pic when referring to a rating system, because you might forget the joke… like I did. Epic fail.
    Good imagery for a rating system?

    Good imagery for a rating system?

  • Don’t refer to Tamagotchis in a room full of males, aged 30+.

Another talk this weekend… Time to do a re-write. This blog might suffer between that rewrite and our app testing this week… Here we go.