Do you believe what you're seeing?

Do you believe what you're seeing just because you think it's there?

If you accept what you perceive as what’s actually happening, then you have belief in your reality. If you don’t believe what you’re seeing is actually what’s happening, they have special words to describe you (like “nuts” or “schizophrenic”)… and special homes, too… places that can help you be more… err… normal… like a regular human. People who believe beyond what they perceive are often called “spiritual” or “religious”.
But, um, what’s actually happening and what is real? Is real even real?
Well, according to Schrodinger’s cat experiment, every time I look at something, the atoms on that something morph into a definite shape, whereas before I looked at that something, its atoms were in several simultenous states (but that’s only according to the laws of physics 🙂 ). That’s not what I perceive though… I’m missing things that are actually happening.
And though I can understand the superposition of everything, it doesn’t change my reality… I’m stuck here. Ya better believe it.
So, it’s belief that makes us human, I think… in addition to all the things that differentiate us from dogs, turtles, and other living things, of course. I’m not sure how you program that into software… maybe by simulating a sense of disbelief, thus generating a belief in things that aren’t deemed untrue?

More on this later.