Michael De'Shazer Harvard innovation Conference 2011

talking about BPI in the Northwest Science Building

This past weekend, I rode in a Zipcar up to Cambridge with a good friend of mine, Peter Wagener, and his wife to speak at the HEBS Innovation Conference at Harvard University. My half-hour talk was again about BPI. As VP of social media engagement at Bank of America, Peter’s talk was on using social media tech to provide improved customer service in the 21st Century.

Here were the key takeaways from my talk:
If a platform can be built so that small businesses can trade, share, and co-own material assets and human resources via an online medium, small businesses can gain many of the competitve advantages that once only belonged to large corporations.
Some of the key questions that were asked by the audience were:
How do you get past the whole trust thing?
The open-ended conclusion:
Proper implementation of a smart ranking, negotiation, and trust mechanics system.

If you missed the conference, here were the main takeaways from some of the other talks.

  • Pick your OST (One Simple Thing), the thing people will remember your product for, and always present your product starting at that point (the OST) and then move outward… not the other way around.
  • Always look through your customer’s eyes. See me see you seeing me seeing you.
  • There’s a big difference between design thinking and factual thinking: namely it’s in the images you do or don’t imagine… and the balance of both is good for marketing your product when you’re at the most innovative of phases: the brainstorm.
  • How do you do good good customer service in the 21st century using social media? Believe it or not, you actually respond to your customers in a meaningful way. This means maybe you refund a customer $2.00 after they complain via Twitter about an ATM charge to check their balance

Here’s a pic from the conference that I had to screenshot off of Facebook due to their new photo-saving policy, along with some of the schwag I recieved at the end.

Left to right:  Molly Wagener, Peter Wagener,  myself,  Ilyas Khawaja, and Anjum Taj

Left to right: Molly Wagener, Peter Wagener, myself, Ilyas Khawaja, and Anjum Taj

Cool schwag

Cool schwag