Free Ice Breaker app

share a moment with others nearby with a Free Ice Breaker

First off, much love to the dynamic team @ iCanApp, the men and lady who innovate everyday enhancing our iCanApp platform to build and power fun apps like this one.

I’m proud to announce our team’s new app has just debuted in app stores near you. Be the first to get it now by visiting or by visiting the App Store or the Android market from your mobile. (Blackberry & Windows Phone 7 support coming soon).

Free Ice Breaker allows you to create “moments” in the app, that others physically near you can discover and interact with you in. If you create a moment today, that moment will always be where you made the moment for others to discover and leave you a message if they so please… in real-time or over a long period of time. I guess it depends on how many people use the app… or like you.

Hope you enjoy!