So, what happens when you write 500 hacker applicants of a hackathon to let them know their applications have been recieved without BCCing the recipients?
If you’re one of the applicants, you’re inbox ends up looking like this:

because everyone who replied ends up replying to all 500 recipients.

How do you get this madness to stop?

You write another e-mail to everyone saying:

“While it has come to our attention that one of the coordinators of the hackathon had exposed our applicants email addresses, we are also aware of the nuisance the thread has become. We’d like to ask everyone at this time to stop replying all as not to negatively disrupt all 500 applicants on the list

IMPORTANT: To help manage the problem of unwanted emails we will be monitoring the thread and removing anyone who has replied all to the list of potential applicants. This will take effect within the next hour.”

It stopped after that.

But now 500 hackers have my e-mail. Great.